Creative Designer Jobs

October 13, 2022
Creative Designer Jobs

Graphic designers bring ideas to life by presenting them in the visual medium. Designers design visual presentations by hand or with computer-aided design (CAD) software. Graphic designers might develop ads, magazines, promotional materials, catalogs, or business reports. Typical duties of graphic designer jobs include:

  • Recommending visual strategies to inspire, persuade, and interest consumers
  • Defining the message of the visual design
  • Designing images that communicate the theme or idea chosen by the client
  • Composing rough layouts of art and copy for client approval
  • Choosing font sizes and styles, colors, and arrangement of images
  • Using computer design software and maintaining printing and other equipment
  • Incorporating client feedback into final layout
  • Proofreading designs prior to publishing final layout

Graphic Designer Job Education Requirements

For most graphic designer jobs, candidates will need a bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related field. Graphic design undergraduate programs typically require courses in the principles of design, computer design, website design, studio art, and printing techniques. If you're interested in supervisory positions in the field, such as design director jobs, you might also consider taking management, marketing, and other business courses to better prepare you.

Graphic Designer Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), today the United States has about 259, 500 graphic designer positions. How the profession will fare in coming years is likely to vary by industry. For example, the BLS predicts an overall growth rate of 11 percent for the field, but expects employment in the newspaper, book, and periodical publishing industry to decline by 16 percent.

Graphic Designer Job Salary Information

The BLS reports a mean annual salary of $50, 670 for graphic designers. The salary range for graphic designers is quite large. The lowest-earning ten percent make an average of $27, 100, while the highest-earning ten percent earn $80, 570 on average.

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