Automotive Styling

October 10, 2022
Automotive Styling | by

One-Box form A categorization based on overall form design using rough rectangle volumes. In the case of the One-Box, also called a monospace or monovolume, it is a single continuous volume. Slight wedge formed front or rear are still generally placed in this category. e.g.. The equivalent French term is volume, which you will sometimes see used by the British: "1-volume form". Two-box form A categorization based on overall form design using rough rectangle volumes. In the case of the Two-box form, there is usually a "box" representing a separate volume from the a-pillar forward and second box making up the rest. e.g., Station Wagon, Shooting-brake, Scion xB (2006) The equivalent French term is , which you will sometimes see used by the British: "2-volume form". A categorization based on overall form design using rough rectangle volumes. In the case of the Three-box form, there is a "box" delineating a separate volume from the a-pillar forward, a second box comprising the passenger volume, and third box comprising the trunk area — e.g., a Sedan. The equivalent French term is , which you will sometimes see used by the British: "3-volume form". A-line The line running over the car, from headlight to taillight, tracing the car's silhouette. Backlight The rear glass window glass. Beltline The line going from the hood which usually follows the bottom edge of the windows and continues to the trunk. The beltline is a major component of the vehicle's overall appearance, as well as the safety aspect of blind spots. Batsman's Crease A tangent break feature line running along the centreline of a car. This kind of feature can be seen on many modern Vauxhall, Opel and Chrysler models. Literally derived from the break found on the rear side of a cricket bat. Bezel The trim or bodywork that surrounds a light, holds the face of an instrument in position, or decoratively conceals gaps between bodywork and components as an escutcheon. Often chrome or plastic Bonnet The hood of the vehicle. Boot The trunk or liftgate of the vehicle. Brightwork Anything reflective added to a car to enhance appearance. May also be called chrome. BiW Body in White. Base chassis before customisation. Cab Short for cabin. The enclosed compartment of a vehicle which contains the driver and passengers. Cab back The cab of the vehicle is moved to the rear of the vehicle. Cars such as a 1970s Corvette...

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Tint World Automotive Styling Center | Auto Glass/Tint in
Tint World Automotive Styling Center | Auto Glass/Tint in ...
Automotive styling studio extruder / masticating machine
Automotive styling studio extruder / masticating machine ...
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