Free Automotive design software

September 27, 2022
Alias Surface image

Free Storyboard Suite Licenses for StudentsHere at Crank, we dream of a universe full of awesome application GUIs. Where students – brimming with innovative ideas and bursting with creativity – aren’t limited by lacklustre software tools. We want all designers, regardless of where they are in their careers, to have the best tools possible to help them bring their ideas to life.

Students are often limited by software tools that are free or cheap.
Tuition, rent, tech gear, books, pizza, parties*…
We’ve been there. It wasn’t THAT long ago that we were students. We know that at the end of the day there isn’t much left in the budget to buy great GUI design software.

That’s why we are launching the Crank Software Academic Program and offering FREE Storyboard Suite licenses to students and teachers. We are committed to supporting students and their schools, to help build a future workforce of skilled embedded application designers. This means better career opportunities for students when they graduate, and a strong future for the embedded market.

From automotive, to washing machines, mighty industrial machines, and more; Storyboard Suite makes embedded design and development faster and easier.

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