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March 15, 2024

Welcome to the World of Car Design!
In this free trial course, we will ask you to look at our video and then you sketch your own car design. The video shows you how to draw simple ways of powerful looking sports car and SUV in 20 minutes. At first we advise you will draw sketch while you are watching the video, and once you get used to do that, you draw any car you like. The method which we show you here is so-called Idea Creation Exercise, car designers to brainstorm design ideas. It is not a full rendering.

When you watch the video and draw sketches, you can draw a car in front of your friend, girlfriend, brothers, sisters, Dad, & Mom. They will be amazed to see your sketch. You can really feel that your level has moved up to the next stage. We believe whether you can enjoy or not is most important at this stage.
Free Trial Course is to introduce you the most exciting sketch drawing of the Car Design, so-called Front Quarter View Sketch. It has a strong impact to the total design. In this course, if you are beginner, you will know how exciting world is in front of you, and if you have some experience, you will find out what may be lacking to you.

Once you complete your own designed car, then send one to us. We will give you advice. If you are interested in learning furthermore, please read the following and get the link of our Total Couse.

New video for Intermediate level is available now on Free Trial Course!

This video lesson covers the same content as Lesson 5 in CDA Total Course. Assuming a professional scene, you can develop your sketch into Quarter View sketch based on a side view sketch in this lesson. We are adding a new car sketch video for intermediate level. A person who applied Free Trial Course can watch it besides “Easy to Draw Sports Car.”

we will offer special present for those who has submitted free trail sketch.

1. Advice & Correction Video - Proportion

2. Advice & Correction Video - How to set the center line.

3. Advice & Correction Video - Marker Painting by Mr. Hattori, Professional Designer who was a designer for Opel & Stile Bertone

4. How to draw Front Quarter View (3-D) sketch – The actual Textbook which CDA Total Course is using for Lesson 5.

Sketch is a Powerful Communication Tool

Let’s say that you have great ideas in your mind, awesome car styling, sexy appearance. But it would be useless unless you have skills to express them. Your sketch will convert your 3-D ideas on to the 2-D paper. Is your sketch able to impress professional viewers, such as head of project, or engineers? We will focus on teaching you three basic car sketch skills; “Powerful Lines”, “Accurate Perspective”, and “Well-Expressed Surface Texture” CDA world top class designers have developed our original program to learn these techniques in a most effective manner. Our textbook edition has been supervised by Nori Kurihara, our Chairman, a Legend in the Car Design World. He and his team in the CDA will teach you design skills how to express your “Imagination into Form!”

Tutorial Video by Professionals

Normally you do not have any chance to observe the sketching by professional designers elsewhere like you can do in our courses. Our tutorial video contains full sketching process by professional car designers, thus you can emulate and benefit from their tips to improve your sketching by watching them. These videos can be seen through your smart phones or tablets as well. They are repeatable. You can deepen your comprehension and enhance skill much more than taking live class sketch lessons.

We will be with you anytime you need

Do not hesitate asking help for any trivial questions or problems. You can ask questions any time and will receive answers quickly. You may need advice for effective learning method, or may need tips/suggestion for job search. These are unique services we provide. We would like to give you a support in all aspects about car designs.

Constructive Reviews by our Instructors

In many cases you do not realize what is wrong. And even you know something is wrong you do not know how to fix the problem. Some of the deficit or points needs improvement can be easily detected by experienced professionals.
You will get a first-class designer “Advice & Corrections” for every homework assignment. We guarantee you that CDA is the only school who will provide you such a fine-tuned advice and attentive reviews to each students. You will be surprised by our quality reviews just like our alumni students were astonished. These Advice & Correction will be very useful for both experienced and non-experienced.

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