Automotive Logo Designs

October 9, 2016
Automotive logo designs:

The automotive industry is a very innovative and stylish industry. In the past, they have produced some of the most popular and easily recognizable logo designs in the world. The automotive industry is one of the most successful industries at instilling brand loyalty amongst its customers.
In the automotive industry, a logo design or logo template is an essential marketing and promotions tool. Consumers are bombarded by advertising every day and an automotive company’s logo design must stand out amongst its competition. Automotive logos or automotive logo templates must accurately represent an automobile company and they must be highly recognizable from any distance and at any size.
Automotive logos are usually designed to reflect the stylish, sleek, modern and smooth nature of the industry. Some automotive logos are relatively simple while others reflect upon deeper meanings. Most automotive logos are created with car related components in mind (ie.
car tires, open roads, etc). The most common colors associated with automotive logos are black, red, blue and green. These colours are often used because they elicit feelings of excitement, a spirit of adventure and speed. The fonts used in the logo designs or logo templates of the automotive industry tend to be oversized and sans-serif.

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Automotive Logo Design Service
Automotive Logo Design Service
Illustrator Tutorial | 3D Logo Design (Automotive)
Illustrator Tutorial | 3D Logo Design (Automotive)
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