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April 6, 2022
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Gets you to give them your server password and login before doing anything useful.


Waste of time.

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The product seems to be terrific. The trial limitations are severe.

I tried to do a Server to Server FTP but the destination path failed and showed the source server name. I tried to contact AutoFTP Manager customer support but did not get a response. If I find out what went wrong and can get the Server to Server FTP to work, I will buy the product.

Looks good but couldn't prove it.

Automated, user friendly, simple.

Pricey. Does not have SSH connections. Tech support notified me SSH would be in the next update, that was mid last year, never happened.

Great, and easy to use client. Very basic automated ftp configurations. If you're going to pay this price, I suggest going with TurboFTP. It has way more advanced features.

Neat interface.

There are faster clients.

I tried to upload a 1MB folder, who requested almost 3 minutes (I checked the time); same folder took about 30 seconds in other programs.
There are many faster clients.

i donot know how it works but it seam to work

i donot have anything to say anything

no disk likes or not

I want to minimum 10 files transfer to try this application performence

Trial Times

This software trials are very small So I can not explain like or unlike

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Schedules are fantastic- even if my server restarts, the schedules still run on time.

None, works as advertised.

I use this to transfer billing job data between departments, the schedules work perfectly and on time. If there is an error, I have it set to email me so I can get it fixed. Works great.

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