Automotive simulation software

October 12, 2022

Simulation is now an indispensable part of vehicle engineering. Car, truck and off-highway vehicle makers and suppliers worldwide are accelerating innovation with the help of simulation to make vehicles smarter, autonomous, safer, cleaner and efficient. They gather annually at the Automotive Simulation World Congress to share latest advances, examples and best practices in the use of simulation for automotive innovation.

Call for Presentations

Thirty-minute presentations are solicited on advances in automotive simulation techniques,
applications, methods and simulation tools in the following areas:


Engine In-Cylinder, Engine Cooling, Engine Structures and Dynamics, Turbochargers, Intake, Exhaust, Pumps, Fuel System, Transmission, etc.


Aerodynamics, Underhood, Passenger Comfort, Composites, Thin Structures, NVH, Brakes, Suspension, Axles, etc.


Batteries, Electric Machines, Power Electronics, Controls, Charging, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Storage, etc.


Autonomous Driving, Connected Cars, EMI-EMC Emissions, EMC Immunity, Automotive Radar, Automotive IC Design, Embedded Software, AUTOSAR, ISO 26262

Every year the ASWC is attended by over 350 professionals from over a 100 companies and organizations. Typically over 70 presentations are delivered by experts from major global car, truck and off-highway manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, prominent universities, and research centers. ASWC attendees have unique opportunities to meet foremost automotive simulation thought leaders, see how major global companies are using simulation, learn best practices, see latest technology advances, and network with peers from around the world.

2012 - Detroit

2013 - Frankfurt

2014 - Tokyo

2015 - Detroit

All Simulation Disciplines

The ASWC discusses all automotive simulation disciplines including Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Finite Element Analysis of Structures and Electronics, Multiphysics, Systems Simulation, Embedded Software Simulation, and Simulation Platforms

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