Automotive Engineering Universities

October 26, 2022
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The automotive industry is synonomous with creativity and innovation. In the UK, companies like BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Toyota are supported by a huge network of manufacturers, employing highly skilled engineers at the forefront of their field and internationally recognised for the solutions they create.

Automotive Engineering is increasingly global in its outlook and multidisciplinary in its operation. With skills ranging from mechanical design, electronic systems, manufacturing techniques, management and ergonomics to the human perception of things such as noise, vibration and performance. The well-rounded automotive engineer will be equipped for a broad range of career options.

Degrees available in Automotive Engineering

  • BEng Automotive Engineering
  • MEng Automotive Engineering
  • MEng Automotive Engineering with an Intercalated Year
  • MEng Automotive Engineering with a Year in Research

What you'll study

For the first two years, all students follow the same programme. The course is designed to give you a broad overview of engineering, much favoured by industry. In year three you are able to specialise, or continue the General Engineering route. At this stage you can also chose between progressing on the an MEng or BEng route.*

Year 1

There are six modules in the 1st year. The five core modules are taken by all the engineering students and each student can choose one optional module.

Core modules Optional modules
Engineering Mathematics and Systems Modelling Biomedical Engineering
Mechanics, Structures and Thermodynamics Multimedia Technology
Circuits, Devices and Power Systems Technology in International Development
Design for Function The Aesthetics of Design
Introduction to Engineering Business Management A Modern Foreign Language
Energy conversion and power systems Computer engineering and programming
Engineering design Forensic engineering
Engineering materials Introduction to Secondary school teaching
Engineering mathematics and technical computing Modern foreign languages
Mechanics and thermofluids Motor vehicle technology
Technical operations management Starting a business

Year 3 (BEng)

Automation and Robotics Dynamics of Vibrating Systems
CAD/CAM & Simulation Electrical Machines and Power Systems
Design for Manufacture
Design for Safety & Comfort 1
Quality Techniques
Systems Modelling and Control
Individual Design Project or Project

Year 3 (MEng)

Individual Project

Year 4 (MEng only)

Automobile Systems Advanced Robotics
Dynamics & Control Design for Sustainability
Design for Safety & Comfort 2 Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems
Group Project Energy Conservation
IC Engines
Quality Systems
Renewable Energy Systems
Simulation of Operations
Supply Chain Management

Placements in industry or research

Gain hands-on experience on a year out or during the Summer vacation. Undertaking a placement is a great way to apply what you've learnt at university, to a real-life situation. We regularly advertise opportunities and the Careers and Skills Centre are here to help too. Placements can be undertaken in industry or research, to suit your career aspirations. Many students are subsequently offered employment with the companies with which they spend their placements.

Students undertaking an industrial placement will spend one year at an approved Industrial Placement between the second and third, or third and fourth years.


We use a variety of teaching methods, ranging from lectures and group tutorials to small groups in laboratories. You are allocated a personal tutor, who stays with you throughout your time at Warwick. They will help you get the most from your studies. Computer laboratories loaded with specialist software, are open 24/7, helping you undertake work at a time to suit you.


Students are assessed by a mixture of coursework and written examinations. Design-orientated work is assessed by oral presentation, project work and group assignments. Projects are assessed by a variety of methods, including oral presentations, written reports and posters.

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Automotive Engineering
Automotive Engineering
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Clemson University Department of Automotive Engineering ...
MSc Automotive Engineering at Oxford Brookes University
MSc Automotive Engineering at Oxford Brookes University
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