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August 24, 2020
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It would seem that nothing could be easier than a T-shirt. Especially the men's T-shirt. How many types of T-shirts do you know? Which T-shirt do you like best? Which do you prefer longsleeve or henley? It turns out that even in such ordinary clothes there are several types and subspecies. Let's try to classify all this variety and together figure out how one T-shirt differs from another.

Talking about a classic T-shirt, we imagine a white model with a short sleeve and a round neck. Such a thing is universal. It can be combined with different styles. It can be worn as underwear and as an independent part of the wardrobe. It can be without a print and with a print. Huge thanks to MYTSHIRTKINGS, bright models are made by them.

V-neck T-shirts have become popular today. They are very stylish and look good. T-shirts can be with or without prints. Moreover, you can independently choose any image that you like and apply it in your studio.

For convenience and comfort, men most often prefer loose-fitting T-shirts. And this does not depend on the position in society or profession, because a T-shirt is a universal thing for everyone. The main thing is that it does not restrict movement, hide the shortcomings and go well with jeans, sweatpants. A straight classic T-shirt can certainly be found in any men's wardrobe.

Those men with a sports figure prefer a fitted T-shirt. It favorably emphasizes the athletic figure. Such a T-shirt can be worn in the office under a jacket, and in a club for a night party, or just for a walk on a warm day in order to look at others, but still show yourself more.

The latest fashion trend in the world of T-shirts is the elongated model. At first, they were worn by representatives of rap and hip-hop culture, but now they are increasingly found on other young people.

Image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay

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