Technical drawing of a car

March 7, 2022
2013 Porsche Cayman technical

Car engine illustrationThis engine cut away image library contains over 20 see-through car engine cutaway illustrations, some of which can be licensed for use in advertising and marketing. These transparent engines show the internal workings of the internal combustion motor, highlighting the pistons, camshafts, crankshaft, engine oil lubricant flow and coolant flow, turbo charger, intake manifold, fuel injection system, as well as other moving parts. Various illustrations include gasoline and gas/electric hybrid engines, four-cylinder, v6 and inline or straight-six six-cylinder or v8 engines and motors, as well as automatic and manual transmission cutaways; engine section view and exploded views.

Technical cutaway illustration of a DOHC inline four cylinder car engine.

Technical cutaway color drawing of a high-performance V6 engine done for Honda's Acura division.

Four cylinder car engine cutawayThe image above is of an inline four-cylinder truck engine exterior created in airbrush.

Longitudinal-mounted DOHC 32-Valve V8 engine done in the line-and-tone illustration style.

This image is of an automotive turbo charger that has been cut away to illustrate the exhaust flow through the unit and the spinning turbo fans which create the boost. See more info about this illustrator here.

Longitudinal-mounted inline 5-cylinder 2.5L I-5 SOHC 20-Valve 'slant-five' engine done for Acura.

This image is of a sectioned cutaway of a V8 engine in line-and-tone style.

Truck engine cutaway Turbo charger Sectioned V8 engine cutaway SUV motor
Reading Technical Drawings
Reading Technical Drawings
Technical Drawing-Step Drawing
Technical Drawing-Step Drawing
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